11th and 12th November

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A letter from the Secretary General

Dear delegates and MUN enthusiasts

Our world is constantly changing. We face new developments, as well as tragedies, on a daily basis and are confronted with the grim task of making a difference for ourselves and for the society we live in. We face challenges in our everyday lives — be it career decisions, personal choices, or global compromises. We live in a time of crisis on various levels: Brexit, health pandemics, territorial claims, refugee crises and a shift towards less cooperation amongst international players and more aversion, based on fear and little understanding of common grounds. These are the cries of the human race, leaving us to think ‘What is actually gone wrong with our world?’ — and some to say, ‘How can we make a change for the better?’ Model UN plays an important role in inspiring the young revolutionaries to take initiative and give them a platform to develop their ideals, and for them to realize their role to “take on the world and make the change”. It gives me immense pleasure to invite you all to the first Model UN to be hosted by KLE Society’s Law College and it is with respect, humility and dedication I intend to serve you as the Secretary General of this conference. The entire Secretariat and Executive Board have been working day and night to ensure this conference is a success and we hope to take you all through an unforgettable experience with four distinct UN organs and committees. They include: Security Council, Disarmament and International Security Committee, Economic and Social Council and United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, and together they cover a broad spectrum of agendas.
I cordially invite you to this conference and hope to make it a triumph together!

Soumyaroop Chatterjee
Secretary General
KLESLCMUN 2017, Bengaluru


KLE Society’s Law College has always stood as a charioteer for the noble objectives of the K. L. E. Society. The college has been making a sincere effort into grooming professionals that will hold the degree of law with respect and integrity and bring honour to themselves through their ethics Here we are making yet another effort to mentor the young diplomats of society, the future leaders and the curious yet hopeful to be the change they wish to see. Introducing the first ever Model UN Conference hosted by the college in faiths to motivate, teach and inspire the revolutionaries in the making!